Living your life is a deeply personal endeavor. Telling your story should be, too.

Tell your story, in your way.

People are drawn to memoir (or oral history, or life review, or personal history) for lots of reasons. In telling your story, you shape others’ memories not only of you, but also of people you love. You may pass on life lessons, helping younger generations learn from challenges and hardships you overcame. You can even help define what it means to be a member of your family or your community.

They’re all worthy motivations. Here’s another: It can be deeply enjoyable.

When you work with Time Capsule Memoirs, “telling your story” is as easy as telling your story. We eliminate the stress around producing a book by yourself, and open clients up to joys both anticipated and unexpected.

Hare-brained schemes you hatched with childhood friends … emotions you felt during rites of passage … sights and scents from travels taken years ago … our questions will invite memories like these to come flooding back. With a little distance and experience, you’ll get a chance to reflect on how they fit into your overall story. You might even forge a path back through those shoeboxes and discs jammed full of photos, documents and other keepsakes.

We work together every step of the way, but this is your book. You control the pacing, the setting and the scope of our conversations. You review the written story in early stages, and in full-length drafts. You are free to grow, shrink or otherwise alter your project. You’ll just have a writer and editor caring for the text; a designer and professional printer making it look beautiful; and a team that stays committed to delivering your vision, on budget and on schedule.

We’re based in, and love serving, Colorado Springs. But we can work with clients virtually anywhere. Find out more about our way of sharing stories by viewing our process page.