By saving family stories, you get to see parents and grandparents for who they are, but also who they've been.

Pay tribute and connect generations.

In a perfect world, most of us would be saving family stories. We’d better understand our parents and grandparents as three-dimensional people. We’d learn a lot about where we came from, and why our families are the way they are. And everyone would get the gift of truly being heard and understood.

But in a very imperfect world, even those of us who are inclined to preserve the past, often can’t. There are jobs to do, children to raise, and other demands for our time coming from all sides. Never mind the complexities of many families being split across time zones or even international borders.

By partnering with Time Capsule Memoirs, you ensure that your family story gets the attention it deserves. We work hand-in-hand with clients to create beautiful and enduring personal history books — giving your project our full attention, while you and your family keep full control.

We do the interviewing, but you get to choose when, where and about what. We put words to page, but you see multiple drafts and decide on exactly what’s included. When it comes to photo selection, book design and production, nothing is complete until you’ve approved each and every one of those elements.

When the book is printed, we can work with you to organize a book-signing to celebrate its completion. We can also ensure that stories about a family member’s military service are submitted to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project.

All those gifts that come from saving family stories? Perfect world or not, they are within reach. For more, see our process page.