Other projects and writing consultation

Young boy opening a gift at Christmas. As an adult, he could record a tribute book for a loved one who was always there at Christmas.

Organizational histories, tribute books, recipe collections and more

Memoir projects can be as different as the people who dream them up. For instance:

• In an organizational history, we might interview key players in the story of a business, nonprofit or other entity. We’ll rely on their words to explain why the company started and how it evolved; collect fascinating visuals and historical documents; and put core values and guiding principles into black and white.

• A tribute book can honor the life of a person who recently passed away. We will record in-depth interviews with various family members and arrange recollections by person, era or theme.

Recipe books and other collections may be made brief or expansive. And then there are lifebooks for adopted children, personal anthologies and other profoundly intimate projects.

Getting a sense of what you’re thinking about will help us customize a quote for your project. With a call or email, we can explore it together.

Writing consultation

If you’re writing your own memoir, there is no wrong time to reach out to us. Whether you’re just brainstorming or are already a hundred pages into saving stories, we’d love to hear about the vision and goals you have for your project.

In a general sense, writing consultation guarantees you encouragement, accountability and camaraderie in what can be a lonesome process. On a more nuts-and-bolts level, we can help:

Woman looking lonely and concerned. A bit of writing consultation can help assuage such feelings during a memoir project.
  • structure your narrative
  • find and/or refine themes
  • establish deadlines
  • outline parts or chapters
  • keep your audience in mind as you write
  • develop your characters
  • line edit to enhance readability and impact
  • copy edit for grammar, stylistic consistency, etc.
  • ensure proper attribution of copyrighted material
  • select options for photographs and other images
  • connect you with design and printing professionals

Rates depend on the structure of our working relationship; we can agree to a single editing session or an ongoing team effort. And as in all our projects, it costs nothing to get together for an initial meeting. Just call 719.649.2401 or email kirk@timecapsulememoirs.com.