In giving writing help, Kirk Woundy won't treat you like a baby.

Get outside perspective, while keeping your voice.

By telling your story, you’re doing your loved ones, and even future generations, a great favor. But that shouldn’t necessarily mean great sacrifice.

It takes a lot of time and effort to dig back into your life, to write and rewrite until you capture those nuances that make people and events meaningful to you. In a project like this, every writer hits blocks, encounters feelings of isolation or loneliness, and has moments of doubt as to where it’s all going.

That said, the majority of the experience should be positive and rewarding. When it instead starts to feel more like a slog, that comes out in the writing. Or the writing stops altogether.

Time Capsule Memoirs can provide a boost, via whatever level of editorial involvement you’d like. TCM owner Kirk Woundy has made a living as a writer, but he’s also spent 10 years as an editor with the Colorado Springs Independent. On the copy desk, he fixated on grammar, style and factual accuracy. As managing editor and editor-in-chief, he thought more big-picture — about story structure, flow and voice. He has worked closely with writers all across the spectrum, from newbie to veteran, introvert to extrovert.

Whether side-by-side, by phone or email, or any combination therein, he would love to work with you to help the words — your words — flow again.

For more on Kirk, click here. To talk with him about your project, call 719.649.2401 or email