A note from Kirk Woundy.

Kirk Woundy, Time Capsule Memoirs owner, with whom clients work closely throughout the personal history process.After 10 years at the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper, the last 2½ as editor-in-chief, I started Time Capsule Memoirs in 2015. My goal as a personal historian is to use the best aspects of good feature writing — thoughtful interviewing, skillful information-gathering and above all, evocative storytelling — to help individuals and families preserve their stories in formats that are unique and enduring.

This is a small operation. When you send an email or make a phone call, I’ll be the one to answer, and if we work together I’ll be there from the first interview all the way through delivery of your book.

But you’ll notice that this website says “we” a lot. That’s because I rely on talented graphic designers, audio editors and book-printing professionals to do well the things that I don’t. I believe every element of your story should be treated with reverence and built to last, and it won’t be considered finished until it meets your full approval.

For more about me, feel free to call or email anytime. You can also view my LinkedIn page, or check out some of my past work:

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